Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy is an elegant artistic handwriting that nurtures your spirit.
It helps you calm down and eliminates irritation and impatience.
Every stroke you make will help you to stay focused.
You will have a good feeling when you write.
It is a form of Zikr (remembrance of God).


By Faizaan Hussain

The clock is ticking,

My head is spinning,

I don’t even know what to do.

But keep this in mind,

For every second of time,

Is worth more than a penny or dime.

The Earth in Motion

By Faizaan Hussain

When the earth is dark,

And the light sparks,

Though in vain, couldn’t make much.

It booms with thunder,

Followed by the pouring tears that hit the ground.

Yet, it cleanses the ground,

Which astounds the farmer,

By looking at the flourished crop satisfied.

Butterflies Outside

By Faizaan Hussain

When butterflies are outside,

Their freedom is alive,

Had they lived inside,

Then, they wouldn’t have thrived.

Such beautiful creatures,

Should be given at most esteem,

For their gentleness and serene.